Public Research and Ongoing Projects

The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia

MARCH is the institutional home for The Encyclopedia of Greater Philadelphia, a digital-first research and civic engagement project to build knowledge and understanding of the history and impact of Philadelphia and the surrounding region. Through this project, MARCH facilitates a network of more than 30 partner organizations, more than 300 scholars, and students and young professionals who gain experience in historical research, writing, and digital publishing.

Learning from Cooper Street

MARCH advocates stewardship of the Cooper Street Historic District in Camden as a model outdoor classroom and asset for the campus and adjacent communities. Research into the social history of the district is creating new knowledge about Camden residents during the city’s period of greatest growth. With this, we gain insights into patterns of investment and disinvestment during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Students contributing to this project gain research and writing skills and insight into urban history, historic preservation, and historical interpretation.

Additional resources coming soon!