Studio Montclair Partners with Montclair History Center on New Exhibit

For their newest art exhibit, Studio Montclair asked participating artists to draw inspiration from the collection of the Montclair History Center. Curators prompted participating artists to reflect on the History Center’s collection of 19th- and early 20th-century quilts.

Each year Studio Montclair, a New Jersey non-profit organization dedicated to promoting education in the visual arts and supporting emerging artists, sponsors an exhibit in partnership with another non-profit organization. The partnership aims to provide new inspiration for Studio Montclair’s artist members, as well as help the organization reach new audiences.

The exhibit will feature quilts as well as other art forms, including photographs, sculptures, and computer generated art. Pieces reflect many different aspects of quilts and the quilting process. Some artists drew inspiration from the shape or colors of the quilts, while others considered the history of the quilts and the women who created them. Reflecting on the source of inspiration for the exhibit, curator Virginia S. Block said, “Asking one to garner inspiration from an antique quilt may seem like the result would be predetermined and obvious at first thought, especially due to the nature of quilting itself. However, each artist in this exhibit seems to have been ignited by a unique spark of originality.”

The exhibit opens September 5th and runs through October 19th.