Registration Now Open for NJ Collections Care Network Training Programs

From the New Jersey State Library:

The New Jersey State Library is leading a two-year initiative to address urgent collections care needs in New Jersey, through educational programs and training.  Intended to reach collections care professionals and volunteers, these programs will encourage the use of best practices, support targeted fundraising and marketing, increase the use of existing resources, and accelerate the development of collaborative strategies.



This workshop will help your institution get started in the development of a digital program.  The session includes discussion of the tools you can use for scanning; basic hardware, software, and metadata issues; use of in-house or outsourced services to digitize; collaborative digitization; practical planning decisions for staffing; and budgeting for digital activities.  A special focus on New Jersey digital projects is planned.

Speaker: Thomas F.R. Clareson, Senior Consultant, Digital & Preservation Services, LYRASIS


This workshop will focus on topics of collection management in archival collections, particularly accessioning, processing, and providing access to material.  Acquisition, appraisal, assessment, intellectual property, ethics, preservation, and the management of digital materials will all be alluded to when relevant, but not addressed in depth.  There will also be some discussion about leveraging scare resources, particularly funding and staffing.

Speaker: Rachel Onuf, Archival Consultant


Practical knowledge of preservation materials and housing design is necessary to protect collection items.  This workshop will address concerns in creating safe and effective housing for the storage and display of paper art and artifacts.  Topics will address the materials, use, and benefits of various types of housing, from simple folders and polyester sleeves, to oversized rolled storage and framing.  Participants will have the opportunity to create a few simple enclosures.

*Limited to 24 participants

Speaker: Jessica Makin, Manager of Housing & Framing, Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts


Photographic media are sensitive materials that require special housing to ensure their longevity.  This workshop will examine suitable housing supplies, including paper, plastics, interleaving papers, boxes, and more.  Environmental parameters for storage, proper labeling techniques, and safe handling of photographs will also be discussed.

Speaker: Rachel Wetzel, Photograph Conservator, CCAHA


Archivists, collections managers, librarians, curators, and other staff members involved in collections care must manage a variety of tasks, including implementation of collections management plans, policies, management of environmental controls and storage conditions, and provision for safe use and exhibition of collections.  This program will provide participants with an overview of the preservation standards for the many aspects of collections care.

Speaker: Laura Hortz Stanton, Director of Preservation Services, CCAHA

Registration information, as well as details on session dates and locations is available on the program website.