Public Call for Submissions Due by Feb. 1

Public–A Journal of Imagining America is seeking submissions for its topic of “Globally Engaged Scholarship and Creative Practice.” The journal is interested in submissions that look into the idea of similarities and differences between public scholarship and practice foregrounding civically linked arts, humanities, and design in a person’s home country and when working somewhere else.

Some issues to address would be:

–What are ways to build and sustain relationships with international partners in arts, humanities, and design endeavors?

–In what contexts do you see your international engaged initiatives? What antecedents inform you? What are the gaps or pitfalls between scholarship and practice?

–How can/do/should we shift our pedagogical approaches when involving students in international engaged work? What do we want our students to learn related to the international context?

Public is accepting the following formats that are connected to the issue at hand: Principles and Practices, Case Studies and Resources, and Proposals for Reviews. The deadline is the first of February.

For further submission guidelines and to learn more about Public, please see

From: Public–A Journal Imagining America