NJ History Conference Invites Submissions for Virtual Poster Session

The 2021 New Jersey History Conference sponsored by the New Jersey Historical Commission is seeking submissions for its virtual Posters and Projects Session.

The conference “We’re Still Here: Indigenous History and Persistence in New Jersey,” will be held on November 12-13, 2021. This year’s theme focuses on the diversity of Indigenous life within the state. While New Jersey is the ancestral homeland of the Lenape people, it is also home to intertribal people and others who identify as Indigenous. The 2021 New Jersey History Conference will explore the history, cultural, and contemporary issues facing the diverse Indigenous communities of New Jersey.

The conference is seeking virtual posters related to the themes of Indigenous history and life in New Jersey. Participants can use posters or other forms of display, such as online exhibits or oral history recordings. Awards will be given to the posters or projects with the highest rating from the session judges.

To submit a poster, participants must record a brief voice over explaining the project along with their poster or project. Posters should also include a pdf mock-up that offers a sense of poster’s visual direction.

The deadline to submit posters and projects for the 2021 New Jersey History Conference is October 4, 2021. More information on submission and the conference can be found here.