New Exhibit Brings 32-Foot Viking Ship to Franklin Institute

The Eik Sande, a 32-foot replica of an ancient Viking ship, was installed in the museum in advance of their new exhibit, Vikings: Beyond the Legend.

The Franklin Institute welcomed a huge new addition to its collections. The Eik Sande, a 32-foot replica of an ancient Viking ship was installed in the museum on Wednesday, September 26th. The vessel is the centerpiece of the Franklin Institute’s upcoming exhibit, Vikings: Beyond the Legend, which will explore Vikings not only as seafarers but as farmers, craftsmen, and merchants. Over 600 artifacts are on loan from the National Museum of Denmark for the exhibit, expanding the Viking narrative to give a more complete portrait of their culture.

The 1100-pound Eik Sande is a full-scale reconstruction of a Viking ship unearthed from a warrior’s burial mound in Norway in the late nineteenth century. It is believed the ship was buried around the year 890. Only the wealthiest Vikings could be buried with their expensive ships, ensuring their spirits safe passage to Valhalla.

Vikings: Beyond the Legend will open on October 13 and remain on view through March, 2019.