NEH Summer Institute at Drexel

“Teaching the History of Modern Design: The Canon and Beyond” is an exciting four-week NEH Summer Institute, taking place at Drexel University, that will prepare twenty-five college faculty from diverse disciplinary backgrounds to meet the increasing demand for, as well as interest in, courses on modern design history. The institute will run from July 3-31, 2015.  In-depth seminars will focus upon three interdependent thematic units: taste and popular culture,  women as consumers and producers of design, and  political and global interpretations of design after World War II.

The director’s and visiting scholars’ complementary approaches to “The Canon and Beyond” will build upon and reinforce participants’ familiarity with standard material, while simultaneously introducing new material and critical perspectives. Field trips to regional museums and collections such as the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Hagley Museum in Delaware will provide participants direct experience with objects, and suggest ways to use local collections in their own teaching. Group presentations by the participants will take place during the final week of the institute.

The application deadline is March 2, 2015 and the stipend is set at $3,300.

This promises to be a great experience for all involved. You can learn more about the program here.

From: Drexel University