Morris Museum Is First Smithsonian Affiliate in NJ

Most museum visitors associate the Smithsonian with the museums scattered throughout the nation’s capital. However, through its affiliations program, the museum and research complex has a presence in states throughout the country. Last month, the Morris Museum became the first such Smithsonian affiliate in New Jersey.

The Morris Museum, located in Morristown, announced its affiliation on September 14. Dr. Cleveland Johnson, Executive Director of the Morris Museum tied the new partnership with the museums’ recent change in direction. “The Morris Museum is beginning an exciting process of refocusing and recalibration, and our Smithsonian relationship is very much a part of this plan. Providing the Smithsonian a ‘footprint’ in New Jersey is an honor that the Morris Museum strategically embraces,” he said in a news statement.

The Smithsonian Affiliation status means that the Morris Museum can take advantage of the Smithsonian’s collections, exhibitions, and research expertise. Affiliate institutions receive special assist with object loans, connections to Smithsonian staff for workshops and lectures, and professional development benefits. Visitors to some affiliate institutions can also sign up for a discounted Smithsonian membership with their affiliate institution membership.