Mid-Atlantic NEH Grant Awards and Offers

The National Humanities Alliance (NHA) announced $31.5 million in grants from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) to support 226 humanities projects nationwide.

According to the NHA, the NEH will support the publication of papers of historic figures, including six U.S. Presidents, through their Scholarly Editions and Translations program. The NEH will also provide professional development opportunities for K-12 educators and higher ed faculty. The National Digital Newspaper Program grants will aid in the continued preservation and digitization of local newspapers, including those that covered underrepresented histories.

Mid-Atlantic Regional grant recipients:

DELAWARE (2) $71,779


State, Delaware Secretary of State- Delaware Public Archives

[Preservation Assistance Grants]

Project Director: Edward McWilliams

Project Title: New Skills for Stewards of Delaware’s History Workshop


Cynthia Ott

[Public Scholars]

University of Delaware

Project Title: Biscuits & Buffalo: The Ongoing Reinvention of American Indian Culture Project


Washington D.C.

Eric Arnesen

[Public Scholars]

George Washington University

Project Title: The Unfinished Revolution: The Political Life of A. Philip Randolph Project

Foundation for Advancement in Conservation

[Cooperative Agreements and Special Projects (P&A)]

Project Director: Eric Pourchot

Project Title: Climate Resilience Resources for Cultural Heritage: A Supplement to Held in Trust

Gayle Wald

[Public Scholars]

George Washington University

Project Title: This Is Rhythm: Ella Jenkins’ Life in Music

Inclusion Zone, Inc.

[Landmarks of American History and Culture]

Project Director: Mary Dolan

Project Title: The Disability Legacy of the FDR Presidential Memorial

Stone Soup Productions, Inc.

[Media Projects Development]

Project Director: Andrea Kalin

Project Title: The People’s Recorder: Revisiting the Federal Writers’ Project and What It Means Today

American Psychiatric Association Foundation

[Preservation Assistance Grants]

Project Director: Deena Gorland

Project Title: Rare Books Collection Assessment


MARYLAND (4) $1,107,757


Baltimore Museum of Art 

[Exhibitions: Implementation]

Project Director: Andaleeb Banta

Project Title: Renaissance Woman

Joshua Davis

[Public Scholars]

University of Baltimore

Project Title: Police Against the Movement: The Forgotten Sabotage of the Civil Rights Struggle

College Park

National History Day, Inc. 

[Cooperative Agreements and Special Projects (Education)]

Project Director: Cathy Gorn

Project Title: A More Perfect Union: America at 250

University of Maryland, College Park

[Scholarly Editions and Translations]

Project Director: Leslie Rowland

Project Title: Freedmen and Southern Society Project


NEW JERSEY (5) $1,308,731


Museum of Early Trades and Crafts 

[Sustaining Cultural Heritage Collections]

Project Director: Deborah Farrar Starker

Project Title: Viewable Storage Facility: Storing & Rehousing METC’s Collection


Ramapo College of New Jersey

[Scholarly Editions and Translations]

Project Director: Cathy Hajo

Project Title: The Jane Addams Papers Project

New Brunswick

Rutgers University

[Scholarly Editions and Translations]

Project Director: Paul Israel Project Title: Edison Papers Digital Editions


Elaine Pagels

[Public Scholars]

Trustees of Princeton University

Project Title: Who Was Jesus? And Who Is He In the 21st Century?

Trustees of Princeton University 

[Scholarly Editions and Translations]

Project Director: James McClure

Project Title: The Papers of Thomas Jefferson

NEW YORK (31) $4,582,175


Historic Cherry Hill

[Historic Places: Planning]

Project Director: Shawna Reilly

Project Title: We Carry It Within Us: Reinterpretation at Historic Cherry Hill


SUNY Research Foundation, University at Buffalo

[Collaborative Research]

Project Director: Douglas Perrelli

Project Title: From the Cataract House to Canada: African American Activism and the Underground Railroad in the Niagara River Borderland


Bard College

[Digital Humanities Advancement Grants]

Project Director: Aaron Glass; Judith Berman (co-project director)

Project Title: Enhancing Accessibility of Site Content in Scalar for the Digital Publication of Indigenous Cultural Heritage Materials

Joseph Luzzi

[Public Scholars]

Bard College

Project Title: Brunelleschi’s Children: How a Renaissance Orphanage Saved 400,000 Lives and Reinvented Childhood


SUNY Research Foundation, Maritime College 

[Preservation Assistance Grants]

Project Director: Jillian Kehoe

Project Title: Preserving Oversized Maritime Heritage Collections at SUNY Maritime College


Brooklyn Children’s Museum Corporation

[Exhibitions: Implementation]

Project Director: Hana Elwell

Project Title: Brooklyn Time Machine

Mosi Secret

[Public Scholars]

Project Title: A Narrative History of the Desegregation of Private Boarding Schools in the American South, 1967–1975


SUNY Research Foundation, Buffalo State College

[Sustaining Cultural Heritage Collections]

Project Director: Patrick Ravines

Project Title: Preserving Collections at Buffalo State College: An Integrated Holistic Conservation and Preservation Approach


St. Lawrence University

[Sustaining Cultural Heritage Collections]

Project Director: Catherine Tedford Project Title: St. Lawrence University Planning Grant for Art Gallery Facilities Optimization Study


Hastings Center

[Collaborative Research]

Project Director: Nancy Berlinger

Project Title: The Meanings of Dementia: Interpreting Cultural Narratives of Aging Societies


The Flow Chart Foundation, Inc. 

[Preservation Assistance Grants]

Project Director: Craig Reardon

Project Title: Taking Stock Toward Taking Action: A Preservation Plan for the Ashbery Resource Center


History Center in Tompkins County

[Digital Humanities Advancement Grants]

Project Director: Eve Snyder

Project Title: HistoryForge: Mapping Census Data to Visualize Local History

Sophie Pinkham

[Public Scholars]

Project Title: Green Russia: A Forest History


Women’s Studio Workshop

[Preservation Assistance Grants]

Project Director: Erin Zona

Project Title: Preservation Assessment of the Women’s Studio Workshop Archives

New York

Alisa Solomon

[Public Scholars]

Columbia University

Project Title: St. Vincent’s Hospital in the “Plague Years”

Beverly Willis Architecture Foundation, Inc 

[Media Projects Production]

Project Director: Cynthia Kracauer Project Title: New Angle Voice: Pioneering Women of American Architecture Podcast

Cabin Creek Center for Work and Environmental Studies, Inc.

[Preservation Assistance Grants]

Project Director: Barbara Kopple

Project Title: Cabin Creek Center’s Film and Moving Image Archive Project

Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art

[Preservation Assistance Grants]

Project Director: Mary Mann

Project Title: To Assess and Preserve the Cooper Union’s Archives and Special Collections

CUNY Research Foundation, Graduate School and University Center

[Institutes for Higher Education Faculty]

Project Director: Donna Thompson Ray

Project Title: Visual Culture of the American Civil War and Its Aftermath

Dyckman Farmhouse Museum Alliance 

[Humanities Discussions]

Project Director: Meredith Horsford

Project Title: Dyckman Discussions: A More Perfect Union in Inwood

Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

[Institutes for K–12 Educators]

Project Director: Denver Brunsman Project Title: The Making of America: Colonial Era to Reconstruction

James Duesterberg

[Public Scholars]

Project Title: A Cultural and Intellectual History of Structuralism, Cybernetics, and the Postwar Political Imagination

Literary Classics of the United States

[Humanities Discussions]

Project Director: Max Rudin Project Title: 400 Years of Latino Poetry

Michael Lobel

[Public Scholars]

CUNY Research Foundation, Hunter College

Project Title: How to Know Van Gogh

New York Public Library 

[Institutes for K–12 Educators]

Project Director: Brian Jones; Ansley Erickson (co-project director)

Project Title: Harlem’s Education Movements: Changing the Civil Rights Narrative

New-York Historical Society

[Institutes for K–12 Educators]

Project Director: Leslie Hayes; Allyson Schettino (co-project director)

Project Title: Preparing for America at 250: Women and the American Revolution

Old Merchants House of New York, Inc. 

[Preservation Assistance Grants]

Project Director: Margaret Halsey Gardiner

Project Title: Assessment and Rehousing of the Textile Collection at Merchant’s House Museum

Trustees of Columbia University in the City of New York

[Institutes for Advanced Topics in the Digital Humanities]

Project Director: Matthew Connelly; Courtney Chartier (co-project director)

Project Title: Archives as Data


[Media Projects Production]

Project Director: Stephen Segaller

Project Title: The First Folio: The Making of Shakespeare

YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

[Preservation Assistance Grants]

Project Director: Stefanie Halpern

Project Title: Preserving the Jewish Labor and Political Archives at YIVO


Klezmer Institute, Inc.

[Scholarly Editions and Translations]

Project Director: Walter Zev Feldman

Project Title: Kiselgof-Makonovetsky Critical Editions

PENNSYLVANIA (12) $1,073,703


Pennsylvania State University 

[Collaborative Research]

Project Director: Julie Reed

Project Title: Sovereign Kin: A History of the Cherokee Nation


Delaware Valley University

[Preservation Assistance Grants]

Project Director: Marian Schad

Project Title: General Preservation Assessment of the University Archives


Thiel College

[Preservation Assistance Grants]

Project Director: David Buck Project Title: Thiel College Conservation and Presentation Assessment and Training

New Hope

Nakashima Foundation for Peace

[Preservation Assistance Grants]

Project Director: David Long

Project Title: Nakashima Archives Preservation


Rendell Center for Civics and Civic Engagement

[Institutes for K–12 Educators]

Project Director: Bruce Murphy

Project Title: The First Amendment in 21st Century America

Carpenters Company of City and County of Philadelphia

[Preservation Assistance Grants]

Project Director: Carol Smith

Project Title: Conservation Assessments for Artifacts at Carpenter’s Hall

Pig Iron Theatre Company

[Institutes for Higher Education Faculty]

Project Director: Gabriel Bauriedel; Allen Kuharski (co-project director)

Project Title: Preserving and Transmitting American Ensemble-Based Devised Theatre


University of Pittsburgh 

[Scholarly Editions and Translations]

Project Director: Pilar Herr

Project Title: Chilean Parlamentos: Digital Edition and Translation of Indigenous Treaties (1724-1870)

University Park

Pennsylvania State University 

[Digital Humanities Advancement Grants]

Project Director: Elizabeth Mansfield; James Wang (co-project director)

Project Title: After Constable’s Clouds: Toward A Machine-Learning Paradigm for Studying Pictorial Realism


Pennsylvania State University

[Institutes for K-12 Educators]

Project Director: Boaz Dvir

Project Title: Making Holocaust and Genocide Education Relevant Through Inquiry and Classroom Application


Judith Giesberg

[Public Scholars]

Villanova University

Project Title: Last Seen: Searching for Family After Slavery


York County Heritage Trust

[Sustaining Cultural Heritage Collections]

Project Director: Rachel Warner

Project Title: York County History Center A-Wing Collections Storage Project

WEST VIRGINIA (1) $162,155


West Virginia University Research Corporation

[National Digital Newspaper Program]

Project Director: Ann Plein

Project Title: West Virginia Digital Newspaper Project

For project descriptions and projects outside of our region, click here.

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