Last Chance to View Monuments: Commemoration and Controversy

The New York Historical Society’s exhibition, Monuments: Commemoration and Controversy, is on display until July 4, 2022. Curated by Wendy Nālani E. Ikemoto, senior curator of American art, the exhibition explores monuments and how they act as flashpoints of debates over national identity, politics, and race.

Monuments: Commemoration and Controversy examines monuments and their representations in public spaces and how monument-making and monument-breaking shaped American life as public statues have been celebrated, protested, altered, and removed. Artifacts on display include fragments from King George III’s statue that Colonists tore down at the onset of the American Revolution and a maquette of New York City’s first public monument to a Black woman, Harriet Tubman.

The exhibition is on the 2nd floor, Pam & Scott Schafler Gallery, and is scheduled to be taken down by July 4, 2022. To purchase timed tickets, click here. For a digital family guide to the exhibition, click here.