Historic Preservation Courses for Spring 2019

Register for any of MARCH's Spring 2019 course offerings in Historic Preservation.

There is no better place to learn the processes and techniques of historic preservation than the living laboratory of Camden and nearby Philadelphia. The Historic Preservation Continuing Education Program at Rutgers-Camden is designed for those who desire to gain a deeper understanding of the vocabulary and discipline of historic preservation. It provides fundamentals of contemporary historic preservation practice as well as opportunities for in-depth studies. Students will learn from professionals working in the field to gain a more realistic perspective on how the tangible remains of our past can be integrated within current environments.

Our courses are open to all preservation enthusiasts, whether you want to earn a certificate or simply take a course for personal or professional interest. Offerings are designed for members of historic preservation commissions, town planners, staff and volunteers at historic sites, owners of old houses, realtors, architects, and more. Any student or community member may register for any course or workshop. This is a non-degree program taught on a pass/fail basis. Continuing education credits earned may be applied toward a certificate in historic preservation.

MARCH is offering five courses throughout Spring 2019, which can all be viewed here. Future classes include a 5-week course on cultural heritage tourism, a 5-week introductory course on historic interiors, a 1-day workshop on historic preservation commissions and planners, and a 2-day workshop on cleaning historic interiors on a budget. All preservation courses are co-sponsored by MARCH and the New Jersey Historic Trust.

Please reach out to preservation@camden.rutgers.edu with any questions!
Registration for all Spring 2019 courses can be found here.