Great Storms of the Jersey Shore

October 18, 2020 @ 2:00 pm
Ocean County Historical Society
(732) 341.1880

Authors Margaret Buchholz and Scott Mazzella will discuss their book “Great Storms of the Jersey Shore”. Originally published in 1993 by LBI researchers Larry Savadove and Margaret Buchholz, now, seven years after Superstorm Sandy, the book has been reissued and completely redesigned – with additional stories and pictures from the past three decades. Scott Mazzella, author of the national award-winning 2013 book “Surviving Sandy: Long Beach Island and the Greatest Storm of the Jersey Shore”, wrote the new sections and included dramatic survivor and first responder narratives. He updated the book with significant meteorological events from the past three decades. Also included is an essential commentary about climate, sea level rise, and the future of the coast in an Afterword by a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner with LBI roots as a lifeguard and surfer, Gilbert M. Gaul. Documenting the earliest recorded storms and the 20th and 21st century’s monster storms, this “bible of Jersey Shore storms” also explores the mythic nature of great storms and considers the environmental implications of coastal living.

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