Columbia College’s Indigehouse Opens on 113th Street

Columbia College students competed in a competitive application process for a historic five-story brownstone on West 113th Street, New York, that became available through Columbia’s Special Interest Communities (SIC) Program. The application was completed by Kianna Pete CC’23, Charitie Ropati SEAS’23, Eva Brander Blackhawk CC’24, and Hannah Jimenez CC’23. The group was awarded the 107-year-old building to create Indigehouse, a home base for Columbia College’s Indigenous and Native students.

Columbia College’s SIC Program offers two residential experiences for those interested in living among students with shared identities or interests. The Special Interest Communities create opportunities for students to impact the larger Columbia community through educational programs, events, and workshops and foster a connection between faculty, staff, and alumni. The Themed Communities provide students with an opportunity to cultivate community-building around shared personal or academic interests.

Indigehouse is now home to fourteen Indigenous students and one RA and is a significant step in growing Indigenous and Native students’ presence on campus.

For more information on Indigehouse, click here.