Campaign Launched to Create Permanent Home for Jewish Historical Society of Delaware

Although the Jewish Historical Society of Delaware has been around for over fifty years, it may be difficult to find. For most of that history, the JHSD has been housed in the basement of the Research Library Building of the Delaware Historical Society. However, fundraising efforts began this month to create a distinct permanent home for the JHSD.

The JHSD is working in partnership with the Delaware Historical Society to convert one of DHS’ empty historic properties, the Thomas Coxe House, into their new home. As executive director of the Delaware Historical Society David Young explained, this partnership solved a problem for both organizations. The Jewish Historical Society of Delaware had limited storage in the basement and no space to share its collection with the public. DHS wanted to activate and rehabilitate the empty Coxe House. With the move, the JHSD plans to create a reading room for researchers, as well as grow their collections.

Fundraising efforts to stabilize and adapt the house are underway, and construction on the property will begin in the Spring. Young anticipates an opening some time later in 2020. Donations to support the creation of the Jewish Historical Society of Delaware home can be made at