Call for Session Proposals: MAAM Building Museums Symposium

The Mid-Atlantic Association of Museums (MAAM) issued a call for session proposals for the 2023 Building Museums™ Symposium. The submission deadline is Monday, October 31, by 5:00 pm EST.

The MAAM Building Museums™ Symposium is a national symposium on the process, promise, and pitfalls of planning and managing museum capital building projects. This symposium is for museum leaders, architects, planners, project managers, technical experts, and those who plan to implement new construction, renovation, preservation, or expansion projects for museums.

The Building Museums TM Program Committee is looking for sessions that provide clear and focused discussion of issues encountered on a specific project or projects, bring a diverse range of participants to the table, stimulate questions and conversations among attendees, and align with MAAM’s Mission and Values. Successful session proposals should address topics including budget and business planning, Diversity, Equity, Accessibility, & Inclusion (DEAI) initiatives in museum building projects, fundraising, post-opening challenges, etc.

For more information on the symposium and additional proposal recommendations, click here.