9/11: Collecting and Exhibiting

The anniversary of September 11, 2001 has sparked much discussion on the role of museums in collecting and commemorating tragedy.  One such piece posted on the National Postal Museum website by Nancy A. Pope, considers the process of collecting objects following a national tragedy, what do you keep, why do you keep it?  How do you collect and preserve and respect the event while still ensuring that every day processes continue?  Written by Jeffrey Brodi, September 11: Collecting for the National Postal Museum is the first in a two part series on Brodi’s personal experiences collecting items for the NPM.

After 9/11, pieces of steel were distributed throughout the country.  Coatesville, PA received twenty of the support columns from the north tower.  When they decide on a monument, and raise the requisite funds, it stands to be one of the largest 9/11 monuments in the country.  Read more here.  The 9/11 memorial in New York City faces financial issues as well, as questions of maintenance costs collide with memorialization.  Who should pay?