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Call for Papers: OHMAR 2016 Annual Conference

Submissions are due February 29, 2016 and this year’s conference is titled “Oral History and Technology.”

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Proposals for Humanities-Art Technology Festival in DC

The proposals are due July 31, 2015 and the festival will be on September 26-27, 2015.

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Call for Proposals From PA Historical Association

The Pennsylvania Historical Association invites proposals for its 2016 Annual Meeting.

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Teaching with Instagram video and other meditations on technology in the classroom

There are certain books we pick up again and again. We take delight in the characters, plots, and language because they are familiar. Or perhaps we revisit the same vacation spot year after year. Repetition can be soothing and it

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Less is More: Distraction and Learning in the Digital Age

This week I voraciously downloaded all of the podcasts available on the Monticello website in anticipation of my first trip to this American landmark. I downloaded approximately 204 minutes, or almost 3.5 hours, of podcasts with the intention of listening

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“Beers to Brassieres in 150 Years” and Beyond: New Developments at the Lower East Side Tenement Museum

By Mandi Magnuson-Hung Since opening in 1992 in what was previously a tenement building at 97 Orchard Street on Manhattan’s Lower East Side, the Lower East Side Tenement Museum has interpreted the lives of the working-class immigrants who occupied the

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Techno Babble

I got a new phone last month and for the first time in my cell phone owning life it is up to date. That means I can download and use apps with ease, watch YouTube if I want, play Angry

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