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The 1772 Foundation Awards Grants to NJ Historic Preservation Organizations

The 1772 Foundation and New Jersey Historic Trust awarded historic preservation grants totaling $290,000 to 25 private nonprofit organizations in New Jersey.

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Applications Open for 2016 NJ State History Fair

Participation in the 2016 Spirit of the Jerseys State History Fair is free for all non-profit historical organizations.

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Preservation Delaware Announces Small Grants Program

Most grants will reach a maximum of $1,000, yet, in some special cases, amounts of up to $4,000 have been awarded.

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Fox in the Hen House

The love of money, it is said, is the root of all evil. I think we can all agree, given the recent financial unpleasantness, the statement conveys a universal truth. As an executive director of a non-profit historical organization, I

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How Best To Get The Word Out

Hiking regularly on the weekends, I am always impressed with how much the general public enjoys the outdoor experience.  While each individual has his or her own reasons, the benefits are universal.  There is the need to get back in

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