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Messages in Philadelphia’s Catto Memorials

When the School District of Philadelphia memorialized a 19th century civil rights leader by naming a disciplinary school after him, the organization sent a message about the value of black students.

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Civic Conversation about Monuments Begins in Philadelphia with Monument Lab

The public art and history project aims to engage artists and the public in a conversation about monuments.

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‘Talking Statues’ Arrives in New York City

The public history project originated in Copenhagen and gives statues a voice.

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The (Uncertain) Fate of Baltimore’s Confederate Monuments

Over the last year, a commission in Baltimore has wrestled with the presence of Confederate monuments in the city. In this month’s feature, Elizabeth Nix (pictured above with the Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument) reflects on her service on the commission.

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“Classical Architecture, Classical Values” Tours of DC

The National Civic Art Society announces their 2016 “Classical Architecture, Classical Values” walking tours, which will demonstrate the enduring connection between core American values and the classical architecture of the nation’s capital.

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WA Monument Shrinks?

Has one of America’s most prominent monuments really lost some stature?

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