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‘Five Stories’ explores lives of people who lived and worked at John Dickinson Plantation

The exhibit explores lives of everyone from founding fathers to enslaved blacks.

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“One Manly Soul”: White Masculinities in Late Colonial America

The document display provides a window into how people thought about race, gender, and power in late colonial America.

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‘Beyond Chicken Soup’ Reveals History of Jewish Americans in Medicine

“Beyond Chicken Soup: Jews & Medicine in America,” the current exhibit at the Jewish Museum of Maryland in Baltimore, examines how medicine has shaped the way Jews are seen, and see themselves.

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PoliticalFest in Philadelphia

The local Host Committee for the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, which runs from July 25 to July 28, consciously draws on the city’s key role in prior American political events in using the tagline “Lets Make History Again” as part of its marketing campaign. DNC week also offers a chance for both conventioneers and the general public to learn about American political history through a series of seven exhibits around Philadelphia collectively called PoliticalFest, which run from July 22 to July 27.

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“The Pennsylvania Turnpike: America’s First Superhighway” Exhibit at State Museum of Pennsylvania

By Curtis Miner, Senior History Curator at State Museum of Pennsylvania

When the Pennsylvania Turnpike opened in October 1940 as the first limited access “super highway” in the country, there was the sense that history was unfolding, even if its implications for how Americans might travel in the future could only be glimpsed faintly, if at all.

The press corps of the day declared it to be a “dream highway“ and America’s answer to the German Autobahn. The thousands of motorists who descended on it during its first weekend of operation, many having waited in line for hours for a chance to ride the “magic carpet” across the Alleghenies, seemed to agree. Though there were other long distance roadways then in existence, including national routes such as the Lincoln Highway, none offered the speed, convenience and safety of the new 160-mile stretch that crossed the Allegheny Mountains connecting Harrisburg to Pittsburgh.

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Museum of the City of New York Names New President and Director

On November 17, 2015, Whitney M. Donhauser was appointed by the Board of Trustees of the museum.

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Commemorating the Justice Bell Tour

In 1915, the Justice Bell, also known as the Women’s Liberty Bell, embarked on a historic tour of Pennsylvania, making this year the 100th anniversary.

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