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Where We Belong: Artists in the Archive

The South Asian American Digital Archive symposium explores ways to challenge the systematic erasure of stories of marginalized communities in America.

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“One Manly Soul”: White Masculinities in Late Colonial America

The document display provides a window into how people thought about race, gender, and power in late colonial America.

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An Auxiliary Nurse’s Armistice Day

In November of 1920 Alma Adelaide Clarke had been home from the Great War for over year, but her tireless work on behalf of the Red Cross had yet to end. In recognition of her contribution, she, along with hundreds of other New York Red Cross workers received an invitation to participate in a parade on the second Armistice Day.

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Home Before The Leaves Fall

“Home Before the Leaves Fall: The Great War 1914-1918,” a collaborative commemoration of World War I by heritage and educational institutions through the City of Philadelphia, kicked off at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania on June 26. Peter John Williams, author of a pictorial history, Philadelphia The War Years delivered a talk that highlighted Philadelphia’s importance as the third largest city in the United States at the start of World War I and as a manufacturing powerhouse known as the “workshop of the world.” Nearly 60, 000 Philadelphia men and 2,000 Philadelphia women served in World War I and thousands more worked in factories and shipyards supporting the war effort. A large naval yard, munitions manufacturing, and an aviation training facility transformed Philadelphia during the years of the Great War into fully mobilized war time economy more commonly associated with the World War II home front.

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See something new today with the Digital Public Library of America

The Digital Public Library of America is an extraordinary new resource worth checking out immediately, especially if you have some free time to spare. It took me some time to realize the potential of this platform, so I offer this

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Workshop: Copyright Fundamentals for Archivists and Librarians

From the Mid-Atlantic Regional Archives Conference: MARAC is sponsoring a workshop on copyright fundamentals for archivists and librarians (PDF) on Thursday, March 7, 2013, from 9:00-am to 4:00 pm at the Buena Vista Conference and Reception Center in New Castle, Delaware.  The

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