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The (Uncertain) Fate of Baltimore’s Confederate Monuments

Over the last year, a commission in Baltimore has wrestled with the presence of Confederate monuments in the city. In this month’s feature, Elizabeth Nix (pictured above with the Confederate Soldiers and Sailors Monument) reflects on her service on the commission.

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Date Night: The Old Fashioned Way

My wife’s idea of a good date night does not usually involve a visit to a tavern or a historic site. Her ideal date would involve a nice meal at an elegant restaurant and an entertaining show, and then ice cream, of course. Last month, I was able to accomplish her ideal Date Night: The Old Fashioned Way with a trip to the Half Way House Restaurant and Swift Creek Mill Theatre in Chesterfield County, Virginia.

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Seventy Maps Added to Growing Collection Dig DC

These maps cover the District of Columbia and the region from the Civil War to the turn of the century.

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Closing Weekend of Freedom Around the Corner at Smithsonian

The unique exhibit, which features letters from the Civil War and Civil Rights eras, will close this President’s Day after a year open to the public.

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Right to Recapture Fugitive Slaves vs. Struggle for Social Justice: Illuminating American History through Regional History

By Milt Diggins

The narratives presented occurred in the Philadelphia – Wilmington – Baltimore corridor, and offer a close up view of slave catching and kidnapping that adds insight into how this issue contributed to the sectional hostility leading to Civil War. I had decided to build the narrative outward, using Thomas McCreary and his community as the framework for examining the issue of slave catching and kidnapping. This unique approach enabled a closer view of multiple perspectives held by those caught up in the animosity and violence. The addition of McCreary’s community provided additional depth to the story.

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Opera Philadelphia Presents Cold Mountain

On Friday, February 5, Opera Philadelphia will premiere the East Coast debut of Cold Mountain, based on the award-winning historical novel by Charles Frazier.

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The Old East End: Civil War to Modern Revival in DC

The event will be held on September 2, 2015.

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