Author: Tamara Gaskell

Deindustrialization the focus of the latest issue of The Public Historian

The November 2017 issue of The Public Historian takes a look at deindustrialization, heritage, and representations of identity.

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Multistoried Places the Focus of August Issue of The Public Historian

The essays in the August 2017 issue of The Public Historian all deal with the diverse historical narratives that reside in any historical site or event.

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Camden County History Alliance Wins State Grant to Begin Work on Heritage Tourism Plan

Camden County History Alliance selected by the NJHT forDiscover New Jersey History License Plate grant to develop a heritage tourism plan.

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MARCH Sponsors New Certificate Program in Historic Preservation

An innovative new program offers participants a unique opportunity to learn the processes and techniques of historic preservation.

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Women’s History Featured in Latest Issue of The Public Historian

The May 2017 issue of The Public Historianlooks at how women’s history is represented in public.

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Cemeteries and Historic Preservation: Workshop and Tour of The Woodlands and Mount Moriah Cemetery

Workshop participants will learn about Philadelphia’s rural cemeteries, as well as how to assess a cemetery’s preservation needs and possible treatments.

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Find Your Perfect Match: Grantmakers and History Organizations, Perfect Together

How do you find the right funder for your needs? Join us on April 10 to hear from some of New Jersey’s top funders about what they look for in successful proposals.

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