Author: Leonard Bussanich
I have an MA in US history from Rutgers University. I am a former adjunct history teacher at Seton Hall. Recently, I published two articles with the on-line journal New Jersey History. The articles examine New Jersey soldiers during and after the Civil War. Currently, I am a blogger with a nationally recognized outdoor adventure company. Most of my blogs attempt to educate the public on products and share knowledge of the country's vast trail network. I am an outdoor enthusiast and hike regularly on the weekends throughout the New York/New Jersey region.

Back to the River: Promoting Kayak and Canoe Tours for Environmental and Historic Awareness

As I have attempted to explore the connection between outdoor recreation with historical education and awareness, I have focused mainly on sites which feature walking paths and hiking trails whereby people can appreciate both the great outdoors and the sense

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Outdoor Recreation and Historic Preservation Connect To Revitalize the Great Falls District

While most of my blogs have focused on the interconnectedness between outdoor recreation and historical preservation and awareness, especially in areas that have helped restore towns or villages, such as in Cold Spring, New York, never did I imagine that

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The Lack of Heritage Tourism in New Jersey

Up to now, the major theme surrounding my blogs has been to emphasize the interconnectedness between environmental protection and historic preservation.  One blog focused strictly on how these two entities need to be combined in the public consciousness and in

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Transferable Development Rights (TDR) as a source of funding for Historic and Environmental Protection

One of my earlier blogs discussed the challenges of funding regarding environmental protection and historic preservation.  At a time when budget-cutting and austerity measures are having a profound impact on the ability of state and local governments to set aside

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How Best To Get The Word Out

Hiking regularly on the weekends, I am always impressed with how much the general public enjoys the outdoor experience.  While each individual has his or her own reasons, the benefits are universal.  There is the need to get back in

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The Time is Now for a More Integrated Approach Between Environmental Protection and Historic Preservation

As an avid hiker and outdoor enthusiast, I never take for granted the opportunities that exist to get away from the grind and noise of daily life and head to the woods for some peace and serenity.  Notwithstanding its dense

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The Meaning of Green: The Challenges of Funding for Environmental Protection and Historical Preservation

My last post focused on the strong connection between outdoor recreation and education in the New York/New Jersey metropolitan area.  The theme to be examined here are the ongoing efforts to preserve and maintain open space throughout the region so

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