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Considering Copyright

Copyright and fair use are important topics for those of us working in the digital realm. Certainly, old photographs, letters, diaries, newspaper clippings, and other original works can provide essential historical detail for online exhibits, institutional websites, and educational resources.

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How to Manage the Process

Digital or not, all projects can benefit from good, solid project management. In a previous career, I spent close to a decade honing my project management skills creating print publications for a large network of nonprofit organizations. My colleagues and

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Curbing the High Costs of Digitization

Working at a special collections library, I am only too aware of the high costs of providing digital access to historical materials. Sure, it’s wonderful to be able to view historical photographs or manuscript collections or even published volumes online.

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Digital Humanities v. Humanities Digital

After a week spent wrestling with XML coding, I’m reminded yet again: just how much of a tech geek do you need to be to work in digital humanities? Let me preface this by saying I am no IT expert.

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Reaching Your Chosen Audience

Thinking about the audience for your digital history project is an important step in any digital history project. Few of us, especially in the nonprofit world, have the luxury of creating these types of online projects without a defined purpose:

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Presenting the Past, One Person at a Time

Last year, I wrote a post about, which allows users to record and present “location-based” stories online. A few weeks later, another location-based site launched: There, users can post audio stories AND photos, videos, and text to a

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New Ideas for Online Giving

This time of year is known for many things: holidays, the beginning of winter, and a barrage of end-of-year fundraising appeals. Online giving is especially important in December, as people rush to make donations before the end of the tax

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