Villanova Historian Wins Bancroft Award

Marc Gallicchio, Professor of History at Villanova University, has won the 2018 Bancroft Prize for his 2017 work, Implacable Foes: War in the Pacific, 1944-1945, with co-author Waldo Heinrichs. Implacable Foes examines American military strategy on the Pacific front during the final months of World War II and the shift from a policy of Japanese containment to offensive maneuvers. 

The Bancroft prize has been awarded annually by the Trustees of Columbia University for books about American history and diplomacy since 1948. It was established by the will of Columbia historian Frederic Bancroft. Nearly 250 works were considered for the 2018 prize. See Columbia’s press release for more information on the prizes and a full list of the recipients for 2018.

Lucy Davis is the Digital Media Coordinator for the Mid-Atlantic Regional Center for the Humanities. She studies public history at Rutgers University, Camden.

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