CFP – New Jersey Council for the Humanities Seeking Public Scholars

The New Jersey Council for the Humanities is seeking public scholars to be humanities ambassadors and to create high-quality, humanities-based programs for a variety of audiences throughout the state. Public scholars must have a deep knowledge of a particular subject, a broadly humanistic perspective and practice, and an objective point of view. They may be university faculty, graduate students, or researchers; public humanists, or humanities experts from non-traditional backgrounds. Public scholars do not need to live or work in New Jersey; however, all programs take place in the state.

Program proposals must have a strong foundation in the humanities and seek to explore topics with nuance and complexity. Humanities disciplines examine human history, culture, values, and beliefs. The council is interested in a wide variety of program topics, particularly those that use the humanities to explore contemporary culture, contemporary issues, or connect the past to the present, as these kinds of programs are most requested. Programs do not need to be about New Jersey. Public scholars receive an honorarium of $250 plus travel expenses for each program presented.

To view complete application guidelines and submit a proposal, click here. Applications are due by March 15, 2017. NJCH will respond to applicants by May 15, 2017.

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