Genealogical Society of New Jersey Seeking Submissions


In 2014 New Jersey will celebrate the 350th anniversary of its founding as a
British colony in 1664. In recognition of this and the plans now underway in
New Jersey’s historical community to mark the occasion throughout next year,
the Genealogical Society of New Jersey will publish some special articles in
the Genealogical Magazine of New Jersey to help commemorate the event. We
are still developing the content of the 2014 issues, and encourage you to
submit draft articles or contact us about work in progress for possible
publication next year.

Specifically, the Editorial Committee seeks submissions that will present:

1)  new and corrected information on proprietary-period (pre-1702) New
Jersey settlers and/or documentation of their pre-New Jersey origins;

2)  new or revised genealogical accounts of second- and third-generation
descendants of early settlers;

3)  compilations about colonial settlements with an emphasis on genealogical
and biographical details of its settlers;

4)  analysis of New Jersey’s culture, religious history and ethnography,
presuming substantive information is included about individuals and

5)  transcriptions and abstracts of colonial New Jersey records; or

6)  case studies, methodology and analysis of sources for early New Jersey
genealogical research, again presuming substantive information is included
about individuals and families.

Articles must be well-documented and should be based on new research using
primary sources, or reinterpretation of information in light of
newly-discovered facts. Submissions should be approximately 1,500 to 5,000
words (preferably using Microsoft Word with linked footnotes) and may be
submitted by email to the Editor of GMNJ at

If you have experience and skill in reading colonial scripts and would be
interested in doing transcription/abstracting work, please contact us. We
have a short list of possible projects.